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For the most updated information on our class visit our Facebook Group.  We're currently collecting stories about you and your pets for class notes!  If you have trouble connecting or have any concerns, please email me steph.abbott@gmail.com.

Thanksgiving Message to the Class of 2006:
It’s surprisingly challenging to think about how to write a short and interesting note to 600 unique Wellesley alums. I gave myself a Thanksgiving deadline, so here we are post-election and pre-thanksgiving gluttony! Under my reflections are some of our goals for this year and ways you can participate. Please feel free to post or email your suggestions, as we’re volunteering to serve you. 

I spend a lot of time practicing yoga, and November is the month of gratitude themed classes. However, this election year has been quite different as we grappled with the polarized election and it's results. Replacing gratitude this year have been acceptance, compassion, and action. Acceptance in yoga is not about agreeing with or coming to terms with results, but about acknowledging what is with as clear a vision as possible. For us as Wellesley alums the second focus of compassion is important to explore not only in regards to others, but especially in regards to ourselves. On to action, I came away from the election with a clear understanding that showing up to vote is not enough participation to help challenge the fear, hurt, and anger felt by so many (on both sides) in the U.S. Each of us has had many life experiences, with varying degrees of challenges and barriers, due to the limitations others place on us and sometimes from our own choices. While we are scattered across the country and the world, I hope that over the next few years we can reconnect and build a stronger sense of community among ourselves. Even when our opinions differ, we’re Wellesley alums after all, and I’d be surprised if anyone wasn’t interested in continuing their learning!

Our Goals till June 2017:
-Get as many class members of the Facebook group as possible  
(We are over 500 - Thanks for your help!)
-Hold mini-reunions in at least three locations in March-April
-Engage at least 25% of class by June 2017 (Any action below)
-Recruit 25 new class lifetime members by June 2017
-Establish regular communications

How you can help:
-Post or respond to a post our class Facebook group 
-Send updates about yourself to classnotes
-Volunteer to host a mini-reunion in your area (fb Jemma Lohr McPherson)
-Become a class lifetime member (different than giving to Wellesley)
-Send your ideas, thoughts, or requests to any of us

Best wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving!


2006 Class President